Supplier Rating


Evaluate the sustainability of your supply chain by directly involving your suppliers in an ESG assessment


Supplier ratings with IMPACT App

ESG assessment of the supply chain with IMPACT software

IMPACT enables the calculation of the ESG Rating of its suppliers through the construction of ad-hoc questionnaires that can be different according to the reference market.

Each questionnaire belongs to a specific indicator belonging to a category under a pillar (Environmental, Social or Governance).


Based on the answers obtained, each questionnaire receives an automatic evaluation that can be confirmed or modified by the evaluator.

Through the combination of several weights that are part of a configuration matrix, the platform crosses the evaluations of the questionnaires by indicator, then category and pillar, in order to provide an objective ESG Rating.​

ESG rating with IMPACT technology

Monitors suppliers' level of Sustainability for strategic-decision support to the Business Plan​

Our application provides immediate feedback on the level of sustainability of your supply chain, both through a specific ScoreCard per supplier and through a summary Dashboard, as well as possible reports that can be easily customized according to your needs.​

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