Stakeholder Engagement


Involve, inform and support 

gli stakeholders on the topics of sustainability,

building an ongoing communication channel


The activation of an IT tool represents a well-established best practice for the success of the stakeholder engagement, i.e. clients, employees (“white collars” and “blue collars”), external organizations, etc…

Our WebApp allows companies to data gathering, tracking, consolidation and analysis in the processes of stakeholder engagement.

These processes are based on creating and keeping a close relationship with the company, which can be efficiently implemented thanks to a simple but structured methodology that we call “stakeholder journey”.

This methodology is particularly focused on all the stakeholders who do not keep in close touch with the company, such as external organizations or blue collars that do not have a company account and therefore cannot access information about the company (for instance the company news) and cannot express their opinions or preferences.


Our App, accessible both by computer and by mobile, was designed for the company to draw its most distant stakeholders, to collect feedbacks which could be useful to improve the company, to receive significant reputational benefits.

In the home page, users will find the news and will be able to easily access activity notifications, to receive online assistance and to undergo possible training and tests. In addition, contents and functions can be differentiated and customized.

In the library, users can access all the materials from the different sustainability areas that the company will decide to share: documents, presentations and videos.

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