Planning Sustainability Activities


Planning, Integration,

Final Accounting, Monitoring:

all in one App


Working as a supervisor in sustainability entails a very complex management due to the coordination and execution of various activities, each of a different nature and related to different parties, inside and outside the company:

- policies and strategies on sustainability

- Stakeholder engagement

- materiality assessment

- gathering information from various data owners for sustainability reporting, Non Financial Reporting, environmental reporting

- internal and external communication, etc.


With this application it is possible to:

- follow a periodical planning of all the activities related to sustainability, and integrate additional activities during the year, with the possibility of relating them to earlier activities (e.g. follow-up)

- have a final account on any activity from the parties involved

- monitor any progress sorting by date, function, type of activity.

The application is integrated with the sustainability reporting and the Non Financial Statement applications, so that following final accounting, all the activities related to reporting are automatically updated.

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