Environmental Reporting


Simplify environmental report

writing by gathering data in a

structured and integrated way.


The application is set on GRI standards and allows the company to gather and input data from the different data owners, who are often geographically spread in several countries over the world.

Thanks to ESG 365 collaborative workflows, Smart Disclosure and its WebApp:

- gathering information from the different organizational units is easy and efficient

- the process is centrally managed: it is possible to assign responsibilities and deadlines for each piece of information, and to check on their progresses.


These tools allow the company to gather and monitor the data related to significant environmental aspects in a structured and integrated way.

The system also allows the company to set and customize the rules for data calculations, such as waste, emissions, carbon footprint, recycling in a circular economy, etc, and geo-tagging Violation Notices and any other event related to managing environmental risks.

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